The COVID-19 crisis has led to a massive uptake in ICT solutions for digital education and interaction as schools, colleges, universities and other education institutions had to quickly shift their offline workflows into the online world. DEL4ALL conducted a survey among digital education experts in an effort to understand, which challenges and opportunities the current COVID-19 emergency brings about for digital learning in the context of higher education institutions.

A total of 13 digital education experts based in 10 different EU countries participated in the qualitative survey. Results are published in a short research report and show that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed structural weaknesses in our current higher education systems. Our digital education experts reported the “old” systems had difficulties to quickly adapt to the new circumstances due to incompatible teaching materials, non-existent infrastructure and a lack of skills. However, experts do see a silver lining as they expect fundamental post-pandemic changes to education, focusing more on digital enhanced and personalised learning as well as Open Educational Resources. Hence, despite the disastrous effects COVID-19 evidently has on our lives, economy, and society, it can also be seen as a big chance and accelerator for digital education. For more details, have a look at the whole survey report here.

Based on these results, DEL4ALL will conduct another survey, the DEL4ALL Higher Education Survey, to verify the results among a broader audience of higher education stakeholders this summer. The DEL4ALL Experts Survey was one of a series of activities DEL4ALL is currently organising in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on education. This summer, we will organise more activities, such as a workshop and a webinar, to understand how COVID-19 affects the digital enhanced learning environment.

DEL4ALL aims to transform current European research and innovation initiatives in the area of digital enhanced learning into an increasingly cohesive, dynamic, participatory and sustainable ecosystem, capable of effectively stimulating collaboration among all key players in an inclusive and impactful way. We are here to support the digital enhanced learning community in these difficult times.

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