Our first COVID-19 summer is almost coming to an end and students; educators and employees are slowly returning back to school/the office. This is a good moment to highlight a helpful initiative of the European Commission that was launched during summer break: The new digital competences guidelines, which aim to help educators, employers and recruiters ensure Europeans are equipped with the digital skills to thrive in the post-coronavirus world of work.

The DigComp at Work report and its Implementation guidelines include practical steps, key actions, tips and online resources to make best use of the EU’s digital competence framework (DigComp) along the ‘employability path’ – from education to sustainable employment and entrepreneurship. Users of the guidelines are encouraged to first read the full DigComp at work report and its case studies to understand how DigComp has been used by others, and how it can help them. Both, report and guidelines are a call to action for labour market actors to support the development of digital competences in the European work force.

More information on the guidelines here.