The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the closure of schools and universities in Europe highlights the need to reassess our assumptions about the transformation potential of digital education. Increasing digitisation in education and enabling digital learning for all are standard, core missions of higher education and key factors for the future knowledge society. Yet, the pandemic has shown that few institutions have really worked out how emerging technologies can contribute to ‘good education’ at a time when most institutions have had to migrate to teaching online.

To collect more responses and gain a better understanding on how education institutions are able to manage the continuity of higher education and to adapt education to the future, DEL4ALL conducted a survey study among educators, researchers, stakeholders and technology providers during the summer break.

Aim of this survey was to identify:

  • major challenges facing schools and universities,
  • main opportunities presented to education institutions,
  • expected actions from authorities to guide the transformation in digital education,
  • innovative and emerging technologies to support and enhance digital learning, and
  • anticipations from stakeholders of permanent post-pandemic changes.

The whole research report is available now. Our COVID-19 reality check reveals that online teaching infrastructure is available in many universities and schools, but the infrastructure of online teaching has to be improved; skills and competencies of teaching staff have to be increased; and policy changes within schools and universities to be developed and implemented.

You can read the whole survey report here.