On 7 October 2020, DEL4ALL hosted its second webinar, which was followed by 38 digital education experts from all around Europe. Aim of the webinar was to discuss with a selected panel of education experts the challenges and opportunities the COVID-19 pandemic presents for stakeholders in the higher education supply chain.

The workshop kicked-off with a short introduction of the DEL4ALL project held by project coordinator Dr Giovanni Rimassa from Martel Innovate. After that, Dr Alex Grech, DEL4ALL partner from the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning, presented the findings of a survey DEL4ALL recently conducted among educators, researchers, stakeholders and technology providers to understand how education institutions are able to manage the continuity of higher education and to adapt education to the future during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read all findings of the survey here.

Hereafter, a selected panel of digital education experts discussed activities that can guide future teaching and learning endeavours in the post-COVID-19 educational world. Part of this experts’ panel were Dr Paul Comyn (ILO), Andreas Pippow (Fraunhofer FIT), Prof Dr Ilona Buchem (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin), and Dr Claudia Harms-Schmid (University4Industry).Dr Anne Bajart, Deputy Head of Unit at DG CONNECT Unit G.2 Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education, European Commission, served as a respondent during the panel discussion and concluded the webinar introducing the new revised Digital Education Action Plan, which outlines the European Commission’s vision for high quality, inclusive and accessible digital education in Europe.

A big “thank you” from the whole DEL4ALL team to all webinar participants for their valuable input. In case you could not attend the webinar, you can watch it here.