During the COVID-19 pandemic educators had to transfer their offline teaching materials and methods into the online world using a variety of technological means. Today, DEL4ALL published the third of a series of surveys conducted this year among DEL4ALL experts. Aim of the survey is to gather education experts’ insights on best practices, use cases, and tools within the area of Digital Enhanced Learning. 

Please share your experience with us! Filling in the DEL4ALL Emerging Technologies Survey takes about 5-10 minutes of your time (depending on your answers), it is completely anonymous, and results will be published in a DEL4ALL deliverable early next year. The survey is running until 6 December 2020 and you can participate here.

DEL4ALL aims to transform current European research and innovation initiatives in the area of digital enhanced learning into an increasingly cohesive, dynamic, participatory and sustainable ecosystem, capable of effectively stimulating collaboration among all key players in an inclusive and impactful way. We are here to support the digital enhanced learning community in these difficult times.

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