On the 25th November 2020, Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning hosted a webinar on Common flagships projects for blockchain and education in the European Union with the participation of 36 digital education experts from all around the world.

The webinar introduced flagship technology projects driven by the European Commission, including the EBSIEuropass, and EDCI projects within the context of rapidly-changing digital education systems.

The webinar started with a short DEL4ALL project introduction by Dr. Alex Grech from the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning (3CL). Lluís Alfons Ariño Martín, the Chief Information Officer at Universitat Rovira I Virgili & Convenor Diplomas use Case at European Blockchain introduced the EBSI project.

After that, Daniel Du Seuil, the Convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within the European Blockchain Partnership, introduced the new self-sovereign identity (SSI) paradigm. Dominic Robert Beron, the Co-Founder & CEO of SSI Fabrics, and Hennie Bulstra, the co-Convenor of the user group for Diplomas and credentials European Blockchain Partnership provided more technical detail of the EBSI project.

Anthony Camilleri from the Knowledge Innovation Centre provided an overview of the Europass & EDCI projects followed by Lluís Alfons Ariño Martín, who spoke of how the EBSI, Europass & EDCI projects can facilitate digital education interoperability.

The webinar continued with the panel and Q&A session. Participants engaged in conversations such as the challenges and risks of the digital transition and the implementation of digital credentials, the business model around these projects, the authentication and regulation of credentials, and the identity wallets.

The event was concluded with Dr. Grech asking participants to support our research by responding to our third survey on Emerging Technologies & Digital Enhanced Learning. Best Practices and Use Cases.

In case you could not attend the webinar, you can watch it here.

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