As part of the DEL4ALL video interview series, DEL4ALL partner Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning discussed possible technological tools and practices that can be used in educational settings with Glib Konotop, Business Development Director at Unicsoft, an IT solutions firm delivering AI and Blockchain solutions to drive business outcomes for start-ups and enterprises.

In this interview, Glib explains how Unicsoft technologies can be adapted to learning settings by:

  • Describing use cases and best practices that can help the DEL4ALL community, and
  • Recommending solutions to support the area of digital enhanced learning.

The interview touches upon the following key aspects:

  • The use of Blockchain and Hyperledger for building smart contracts and supporting supply chain management
  • The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for predictive- and diagnostic analyses
  • How AI and ML are being used for natural language processing, such as AI-based chatbots or computer vision to recognise different objects using special camera systems
  • How cameras deployed with a machine-learning algorithm can recognise cheating during examinations
  • The deployment of ML to recommend students with the best sources based on their interests
  • Targeted adverts based on the student’s professional interest may suggest more relevant literature, saving the student time on unproductive literature searches
  • How speech recognition was deployed to create a system such as the Amazon-based “Alexa” for the learning industry, helping students supplement learning with videos and other learning contexts in chosen topics
  • The use of AI for the automatisation of repetitive tasks, such as test correction for educators
  • How AI can facilitate the transfer of written lectures to digital format and unable it to be delivered by the 3D model of the lecturer

Watch Glib Konotop discussing technological tools that have the potential to revolutionise the educational sector in the near future.