One of the areas that have been heavily hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic is education. On one hand, the lack of necessary infrastructure for quick digitalisation has presented a huge issue, on the other hand, important structural changes needed to be made by the lecturers to make sure that this drastic change would affect the students as least as possible. 

The exchange of previous experiences can be seen as a crucial step into easing the design of these changes. Prof. Thomas Rose, Professor for Media Processes at RWTH Aachen and the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (b-it), and his lab course assistants have come up with different solutions to the challenges they have faced while designing an online lab course, which heavily relies on the communication and project management skills of students. 

In this new DEL4ALL video interview Prof. Rose and a member of his lab course team, Andrei Ionita, share their valuable experience with DEL4ALL partner Selin Sezer from Fraunhofer FIT. Watch the whole interview here:

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