The recently launched Digital Europe Program, with an overall budget of EUR 7.5 billion, has one of its main focus towards advanced digital skills. The program aims to accelerate the economic recovery and shape the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy, bringing benefits to everyone, but in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Along with the strong focus on advanced digital skills, the Digital Europe Program also focuses on supercomputing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and ensuring wide use of digital technologies through digital innovation hubs.

The programme will boost Europe’s competitiveness and contribute to ensuring technological sovereignty, contributing to attain the targets of the Digital Decade. To enable a successful deployment of these technologies, the EU needs a digitally skilled workforce and an increased digital talent pool. Of the total EUR 7.5 billion budget, over 7 years, EUR 580 million are exclusively dedicated to supporting advanced digital skills. These calls are aimed at consortia of universities, businesses and excellence centres, with the goal to foster breakthrough innovation and train Europeans to reach the Digital Decade objective of 20 million employed digital experts by 2030.

Find more information on the program here. Access the multiannual work programme for 2021-22, illustrating strong focus on advanced digital skills, here.