We are happy to announce that the “DEL4ALL Research Agenda – Challenges & Priorities” is published. In this document, DEL4ALL provides critical guidance and recommendations for future research by analysing the opportunities and challenges brought along by emerging technologies on the future of education and learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the needs for alternative methods to face-to-face training and funding levels for education to support more resilient learning in the longer term. The ramifications of the pandemic are likely to shape education policy in Europe in the near future. Technology is already at a state where it may provide compelling solutions in the immediate future to the education sector, as demonstrated by a buoyant EdTech sector in the past 2 years. However, many education institutions in Europe remain locked in brick-and-mortar models, needing to address identity, resource, capacity and capability issues before they may put emerging technologies to strategic use to address an increasingly volatile education environment.

The research agenda is based on qualitative research methods. An iterative learning process throughout the research period has been adopted, levering on waves of analysis as access to more data was secured, using market intelligence, desk research and primary findings from consultation activities to challenge preconceptions, fine-tune findings and develop informed conclusions.

Grab your copy of the “DEL4ALL Research Agenda – Challenges and Priorities” here.

DEL4ALL Research Agenda - Challenges and Priorities