In our dynamically changing world, the future of work is marked by digital solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more evident, pushing businesses into online spaces and accelerating their digital transformation. Not all groups of society are able to keep up with the speed with which we adopt digital transformation leaving some in danger of unemployment. We have previously covered this topic in the article outlining surprising statistics on a large generational gap in technological savviness in Europe and its potential economic consequences.

Today we would like to bring your attention to Digital SkillUp, an EU-funded platform aiming to spread the knowledge of up-and-coming technologies and make them accessible to Europeans and SMEs. Developed in collaboration with the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, Digital SkillUp is a guide explaining emergent technologies in an easier way making learning more attainable. Digital Skillup also recognizes that everyone is at a different point in their learning journey, so whether you are an ICT professional or a total beginner, you can find helpful resources on the platform.

Asa learner can start with the three online courses available in 10 EU languages introducing the participant to all there is to know about the digital revolution, key technologies and cybersecurity. The platform also provides hundreds of additional training opportunities gathered in the Digital SkillUp Course Catalogue. For course providers, the platform is also open for submissions that showcase a potential and quality of training in various emergent technologies.

Learn more about the European commission’s plans for Resetting education and training for the digital age.

Digital SkillUp on a mission to prepare all European citizens and SMEs for the digital future