On 11 March 2022, 14:30 – 15:30 CEST, the DEL4ALL project continued with its series of community “get-together” talks with its digital education experts. The central theme of the second session was “Improving digital competencies”. The obstacles experienced, the measures taken to overcome them, and useful support in the last years were discussed. As a general theme, the role of leadership mindset (institutional and scientific) was emphasized to guide digitalization efforts in education.

The experts stressed that addressing real needs is the driver for successful digital transformation efforts. These needs have to be identified and to advocate for change – to the extent if changing mindsets or “culture” in a top-down approach is a key factor, or if changing actions and reinforcing such efforts to better reach towards new opportunities is the best way to lead to a changed mindset. The experts agreed that the education sector could learn a lot from other domains undergoing digital transformation changes – and take advantage of the methods and strategies developed there (e.g., “design thinking”), especially since changes happen only in stages. Whatever approach is followed – central appears to address the “why change” question thoroughly and find the answers that fit the local context in a meaningful way.

The coffee talk was led by our project partners Prof. Georgios Toubekis, from Fraunhofer, Aisling Third, from Open University, and Klaudia Farkas, from 3CL, with the participation of DEL4ALL experts: Dorothea KugelmeierNikolaus Conrad, and Prof Sivaswamy Ramachandran.

A big thank you to all event attendees for the interesting discussion. In case you have missed the event, you can watch the recording here: