On 21st of April, DEL4ALL held its conclusive event “Digital Enhanced Learning – Connecting dots and beyond”. The remote event started off with a short introduction into the project and where we stand now, by the coordinator of the project, Dr. Giovanni Rimassa, CIO Martel Innovate.

DEL4ALL Final event | Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak

Right after the opening, we had the honour of the keynote speech from Ms. Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak, Head of Unit Directorate General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology at European Commission. Her talk focussed on the Digital education action plan; insights on EC’s Policy direction and developments on the last policy document. Ms. Schwinninger-Ladak talked about the importance of digital transformation and the Twin Transitions. She emphasised on the EC Unit responsibilities which is to support the digital transformation of the education system. She mentioned how the pandemic shocked us all highlighting the weaknesses and therefore it also triggered responses to address those weaknesses. All stakeholders involved became aware of the digital divide and so digital skills became more important than ever.

Ms. Schwinninger-Ladak noted that Digital Education is a priority in many national plans, teacher training, as well the platforms (beyond skills and infrastructure) are prioritised in these plans. She added that tools and accessibility are key for inclusiveness.

She mentioned that sadly Europe is a late adopter of EdTech, and we can do more, EC is trebling investment, in pursuit of growth while honouring European values. There is a call to support collaboration between EdTech and other stakeholders, and develop a roadmap for the European EdTech Ecosystem.

DEL4ALL Final event | Speakers

Following the very informative keynote by Ms. Schwinninger-Ladak, we heard about identifying the dynamics in learning for the digital age: Digital skills development and digital learning for sustainable digital societies in Europe: Landscape, challenges, and opportunities through a panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Alex Grech, 3CL Foundation. The panellists involved were the Advisory Board members and Experts of the project DEL4ALL. There was an emphasis on the areas that needed priority in digital pedagogy. Concepts like back to lifelong learning, equity to address digital divide, understanding the dynamics of learning in the digital age, understanding the target group and then tailor the learning technology accordingly were paramount to have a successful digital transition. According to the discussion some keywords frequently came forward in context to digital technologies, adoption, speed, adjustment and culture! The panellists reiterated that one technology doesn’t fit all, there needs to be a good understanding of the target group. In order to understand the dynamics of learning in the digital age, one must understand digital transformation, can 1 technology be so inclusive as to help digitalise and educate all persons involved. Some also noted that the problem isn’t technology, which will scale and adapt, the investment needs to be in people to train them in order to use the technology and further its adoption in the education sector.

The second half of the event focussed on the findings of the project and presentations were made to showcase the DEL4ALL project’s research agenda, technology vs education matrix, the best practices in the post pandemic education world and finally the policy recommendations. Please stay tuned to get the final versions of these documents in the coming weeks when they will be published on the DEL4ALL website and via the social media channels.

Missed the event? Watch the full recording here.

We will keep working on the project’s objectives and further the vision and mission of DEL4ALL, for a resilient and inclusive learning community.

DEL4ALL Final event | Consortium

That’s us – happy faces of the DEL4ALL consortium after concluding the event!

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