Dr Andreas PippowHead of Fraunhofer Training Center in Data Science

Head of Fraunhofer Training Center in Data Science

Dr Pippow gained his PhD in neuroscience in 2008 and joined Fraunhofer in 2011. As a Fraunhofer research manager, he is particularly committed to the transfer of Fraunhofer’s technologies and knowledge. This includes establishing appropriate internal structures and understanding needs of customers. He sees continuous learning as an important transfer path for a knowledge organization like Fraunhofer. Dr Pippow is also involved in several expert committees to facilitate learning in the field of data science. He is chair of the data science expert committee of the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification board. He also leads the technical expert committee at Verein Deutscher Ingenieure to develop a guideline for data management

Keywords: data science, data management, continuous learning

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