Priska BurkardCo-Founder & Managing Director TechFace (SKILLS FINDER AG)

Co-Founder & Managing Director TechFace (SKILLS FINDER AG).

Priska has worked over 15 years in the finance industry, where she led national and international IT projects for major banks with great success. She started her career in the IT world as a career changer in Software Engineering. Her skills and expertise enabled her to not only work for international projects but also move to Hong Kong to take on different roles in Project and Product Management. In 2016 she left the finance industry to focus on building up her own company. As Managing Director of TechFace, Priska uses her experience, knowledge and passion to support women pursuing a purposeful career in tech and connect them to companies committed to diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, she helped to build up Girls in Tech Switzerland, a global non-profit organization with the goal to attract and retain women in tech. She understands and experienced the hardship and strength needed as women in tech and wants to support the next generation reaching their dreams and career goals.

Keywords: diversity, skills, digital recruiting

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